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Walla Walla Wine Weekend 2010
March 29, 2010


After repeatedly bailing out of plans with Uncle Michael and Aunt Stephanie, I decided it was time I finally make a trip to Uncle Mike’s in Walla Walla this past weekend, since Aunt Stephanie would be there with a group of her friends for a wine tour. So, I loaded my car on Friday morning then headed out to Walla Walla after work.

By the time I arrived at Uncle Mike’s, Aunt Stephanie and her friend, Joan, were already there waiting for my arrival. I walked in the house and was immediately offered a glass of wine by Aunt Stephanie, as Uncle Mike was busy making delicious appetizers for us to enjoy. The evening was relaxing and simple and full of great food (I ate catfish for the first time in my life), a selection of nice Walla Walla wines, and amazing company. Though we may have enjoyed too much of the wine…

On Saturday morning I was woken by Joan with a cup of hot coffee. It was McDonald’s basic brew as Uncle Mike doesn’t own any coffee-making supplies, but after Friday night’s wine, any strong, black coffee would do. Once we enjoyed our coffee it was time to get ready for the big day ahead – brunch followed a wine tour to three of the local wineries then dinner out at T-Mac’s.

We met with the rest of the ladies at Creek Town Café for brunch. With a dozen people around the table it was bit difficult to visit with everyone, but we all certainly tried. Visiting was a bit easier once we got to the wineries where we were all able to wander around and mingle between tastes. The last winery included a tour of the production facilities and barrel tastings, which was very interesting for me to see as they are a state-of-the-art facility producing wines under several labels in a heavily-controlled environment. While I prefer smaller, craft wineries, these larger facilities do make for some wonderful “cheap and cheerful” wines that are always a safe bet and a safe purchase.

Once we were done at the wineries it was off to T.Mac’s for dinner. The highlight of dinner was that Uncle Mike paid for my meal! (Darn! I should have gotten the steak after all!) It was a great dinner and a great end to a long day. Of course, the day wasn’t over because after dinner it was back to Uncle Mike’s for more wine and chit-chat with Aunt Stephanie and Joan, plus two more ladies who were staying at the house for the night.

In the morning, Joan got my coffee sorted again while Uncle Mike got breakfast started. It was a relaxing morning with the six of us chit-chatting and eating lovely homemade waffles (from my grandmother’s recipe box) and lots of bacon. For all the fun I was having though, it was time to hit the road after breakfast. I really must make it down to visit Uncle Mike more often… or make him come visit me!

Now that I’m back home from my wonderful Walla Walla Washington Wine Weekend, however, I’m starting to wonder if I need a larger wine storage facility!


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