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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What website did you guys meet on?
     a. We met in the real world (aka - "The Big Room"). You should try it sometime, really, you might be surprised.
2. Isn’t it neat how the internet brings people together?
     a. Yes it is, but not as neat as actually meeting, dating, and courting someone.
3. Where do you live?
     a. We live in Washington State.
4. Is D.C. a nice place to live?
     a. We don't know. We live in Washington State.
5. Is that near Florida?
     a. No, not really.
6. Where did you two meet?
     a. Frances was buying gifts for her family in a store on the Royal Mile, near Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. Paul worked in that store.
7. Why was Frances in Scotland?
     a. She was studying at Napier University for a year.
8. I thought that Paul was Irish. Why was he in Scotland?
     a. Paul moved from England, where he was born and raised (his father came from Ireland) to study in Scotland many years ago. He liked it so much he decided to stay.
9. Who are you voting for in the next Presidential election?
     a. Paul isn’t a U.S. citizen (yet) so he can’t vote. Frances usually votes for the winner.
10. Who should I vote for in the next Presidential election?
     a. Frances is more than happy to walk you through the process. If you have a mail-in ballot, feel free to sign it then send it to her to fill in on your behalf. She promises to vote for the best candidate so that you don't have to worry about it.
     a2. For the 2012 presidential election, you should vote for Frances – she’s running as a write-in candidate, and expects one or two people to vote for her, if they can find their tinfoil hats in time.

11. Have you bought a house yet?
     a. Yes! We moved into our new home in May 2008. Read all about our new home here.
12. When are you having kids?
     a. When we do, it will be a big news item on www.RyanCentric.com
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