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Privacy & Terms of Use Policy


At RyanCentric, we recognize that privacy is important. We also recognize that the Internet has changed the way in which the world operates. Because of this, we realize that anything in electronic format can easily become public fodder – both in its original format and/or edited for humorous effect. And so, we believe that if you don’t want the world to know about it, don’t use electronic communication methods to tell a soul – not even your great grandmother, and certainly not members of your www.Gossip.com forum.

Personal information we collect
RyanCentric collects personal information when you fill out our contact form or otherwise voluntarily provide such information. We may combine personal information collected from you with information from other users of our site for our personal database.

We will not sell, trade, or otherwise share information you’ve provided to us without your explicit permission. That is, unless, we are offered a silly amount of money for the information that would allow us to retire and spend the rest of our lives being filthy rich. In which case, we’ll give you a “heads-up” so that you can change your email address before the spammers find you.

RyanCentric does not track cookies – but we do eat them. We are not picky about the kinds of cookies we eat, so if you ever bake a batch and want to share the joy, just let us know.

We may use personal information you’ve provided to send you a letter, card, or email – and, of course, our annual Christmas letter and card, which we know you really want. If you are famous, we may also use that information to attempt at gaining access to red carpet and glamorous opening-night events. 

Security of personal information
Information collected may be stored on our personal computer equipment, handheld PDA devices, mobile telephones, and (one day) our private servers. While we will do everything within our reasonable capabilities to ensure the security of our electronic devices, we can not guarantee that one of our crazed fans won’t try to hack into our databases in an attempt to feel more connected to us and all of our greatness.

Your choices
We offer you two choices when we ask for personal information – share your information with us, or not. If you decline to provide personal information to us, all of the features of our Web site should continue to function properly.


1.   Your use of the RyanCentric Web site is subject to your own ability to access the Internet through an ISP (that’s Internet Service Provider for you non-geeks) of your choice.

2.   In order to access RyanCentric, you must first be connected to the Internet. You may not use the site if you do not accept this term.

3.   Unless otherwise noted, the contents of this site are the original works and writings of the site owners. Use or reproduction of said works is acceptable only if proper credit is given.

4.   Content for this site is intended for a family audience, and should be acceptable to children old enough to read. A solid understanding and acceptance of wit, sarcasm, and satire will be useful in understanding the content of the site.

5.   Constructive criticism is always welcome. If you feel the need to point out spelling, punctuation, or grammar errors, please also provide proper citation of the rules to which you are attempting to adhere. Please note that the Web-mistress will likely point out to you your own errors, whilst referring to her own collection of style guides and writing manuals.

6.   We reserve the right to change or otherwise alter our privacy and terms of use policy without notice or announcement.


More information
More information? Really, how much information do you need on the policies of a private family Web site?


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